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Mitsunari Ishida
The SAMURAI 'Mitsunari Ishida' was one in the wisest samurai at the Age of Civil Wars in japan....
Kensin Uesugi
The SAMURAI 'Kenshin Uesugi' is the general who was most excellent in tactics, and is the most benevolent general.

What about 'SAMURAI'

Samurai, Ninja and Medieval Japan Site
Okami Moro-naga is a secondary persona of mine. My family name of Okami means "wolf".My given name Moro-naga means "senior teacher" or "long-time teacher". .
Samurai Archives Japanese History Page
The Samurai Archives History Page is an in-depth research page on Japanese Samurai History, with details of the samurai warriors and battles of Japanese History. -samurai page-
About the Japanese warriors: Samurai.
Samurai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Samurai ((, Samurai? or, more rarely, ff) was a term for the military nobility in pre-industrial Japan. The word 'samurai' is derived from the Japanese verb 'samorau', meaning 'to serve'. Samurai is also specific in that it only reffers to the males of the nobility or buke....
Origins Of The Samurai
the comprehensive and popular Judo Information Site with complete references on Judo history, principles, philosophy, tournaments, techniques, lists of Judo clubs, links to all Judo web pages, humor, art, Judo books, and much more
SAMURAI GALLERY / Yoritomo,Yoshitsune,Shingen,Kenshin,Nobunaga,Hideyoshi,Ieyasu
Japanese Samurai
artelino - About the Japanese samurai classu
Bushido: Samurai
In Japan the warrior class was known as samurai, also called bushi (hence bushido). They formed a class in and of themselves during the 9th and 12th centuries.......
Samurai, Ninja and Medieval Japan Site
Okami Moro-naga is a secondary persona of mine. My family name of Okami means "wolf".My given name Moro-naga means "senior teacher" or "long-time teacher". .
Defensive weapons of the Japanese samurai
The sword was the "the soul of a samurai," and no self-respecting bushi would ... Armed with a tessen in his obi, though, the samurai was never completely ...
Japan Glossary - Samurai
Aristocratic warrior class, retainer of the daimyo. They started to play an important role in Japanese society from the 12th-century wars between the Taira and Minamoto clans. ...
Samurai, the Japanese term for the warrior caste, originally came into use referring to military fighters of the eighth century...
The source for samurai history
Read from a selection of articles on samurai history.
This is a brief history of the Japanese Samurai. If you want to research the subject further, check the bibliography at the end of this article.

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