- Kensin Uesugi -
In the Age of Civil Wars, Kenshin Uesugi is the general who was most excellent in tactics, and is the most benevolent general.

He reigned over the Jo-etsu district (the outskirts of niigata pref. at present), it excelled especially in tactics also in this time that had many able generals, and that capability had become known widely all over Japan in those days.

The rival of his fate is Shingen Takeda who was reigning over the Chu-estu district (the outskirts of nagano pref. at present) those days.

He also has the army called the strongest in those days, and it was opposed to Kenshin Uesugi head-on. As long as 12 years in 1553 to 1564, they fought some times, and always pulled and had divided in a place called Kawanaka-jima (at Chikuma River).

Fighting on September 10, 1561 turned into sublime fighting also in it , also in it. 40,000 people's military power collided in both the army sum total, and there were 27,000 people thing casualties.

However, this sublime also fighting finished with the draw after all. He was as strong as Kenshin Uesugi took the lead of a fight himself since it was young, and he had not lost in all fighting those.

He serves himselves The "god of warriors"(called "BI-SYA-MON-TEN" in japanese) who is God of fighting in India more from ancient times - which is known God of fighting, and his army's flag mark draws a kanji symbol of the head.

Now sell this symbol are designed goods !

Moreover, it is told that he is a very benevolent person and this "Battle of Kawanakajima" fought with Shingen Takeda according to the help of the surrounding generals who was conquered by him and was in trouble.

Then, Shingen Takeda fought with another enemy and the situation became disadvantageous. They have a traffic route from the sea blocked, and salt stopped and obtaining at all.

Salt is still food indispensable when man makes a living those days also.

In spite of Shingen Takeda was the enemy threatens himself then, Kenshin Uesugi presented a lot of salt and fish to him.

This act is handed down from generation to generation as a proverb of Japan "giving an enemy salt",it called "teki ni sio o okuru" in japanese at the present. This means that even if they are the rival who has a hostility relation ,he helps with symphashy when he is in a critical state.

Shingen Takeda was impressed very much by their tender feeling, and he never fought with Kenshin Uesugi after that till the last moment.

Also now, he is loved by many Japanese by benevolent character to his own power of gifted tactics and own people.