- Mitsunari Ishida -
Mitsunari Ishida is the general of the Age of Civil Wars.

He served Hideyoshi Toyotomi who unified Japan for the first time in medieval times, and established the status.

Although he was by no means good at fighting, but Hideyoshi were made to say 'Mitsunari were most wise persons in japan'. He demonstrated the capability in domestic politics.

Although he tried to aim at maintenance of japan unification as a guardian of this son's HIDEYORI after Hideyoshi Toyotomi passed away, by the Battle of Sekigahara, he attacked and was ruined by Ieyasu Tokugawa who is confrontation influence.

'DAIICHI-DAIMAN-DAIKICHI' who is his symbols means "Do one person for everyone, and do everyone for one person ,so.. everybody will become happy and a peaceful world will visit -- "

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His direct vassal team is very loyalty, and did not betray him to the last.

When the situation was taken into consideration, he was a good superior official trusted very much by the subordinate.

He was the general who did not regret efforts, as it did not return to the world of war again...